A well preserved fort near Carran, Co. Clare

Ad Venture Burrens environmental policy is simple.

We will use as few resources as possible in carrying out our activities, directly and subsidiary.

A bit more detail.

Sustainable tourism is the defining goal of Adventure Burren

Adventure Burren was set up specifically to provide outdoor activities with a minimum impact on the environment in which they take place and to foster awareness in participants of the landscape and its need to be respected and looked after. We are committed to continually improve how we operate, to monitor our impact and remediate as required. This belief in the right way to do things will be a core value of Adventure Burren and therefore a requirement of all staff to understand what we do, why we do it and their role in achieving this standard. We will also strive to engage any other business we interact with in the achievement of these aims encourage them to adapt a sustainable model of working.

Adventure Burren, committed to external auditing of  standards.

Adventure Burren is committed to being a certified ecotourism provider, we know what our standards are and that our methods are in keeping with best practice, we do however understand that it is not always sufficient to say what we do but to have this externally validated. To this end Adventure Burren is committed to maintaining external certification of our ecotourism offering. At present we are certified to bronze level with Ecotourism Ireland.

Adventure Burren is committed to fulfilling the requirements of and working with The Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark,  to implement the measures within The Sustainable  Code of Practice for Tourism.

Interpreting The Burren and The Geopark

As an outdoor activities provider we provide information and interpretation of the The Burren, The various elements which define the Geopark and the human context of the landscape. For us the interpreting of the landscape is an integral part of the activities we provide, the landscape, the flora, the archaeology and geology are in particular a key part of everything we do. The human story and the history of people and how they lived is also a key element in the story of The Burren.

Adventure Burren is a partner of Leave No Trace Ireland and at all times adheres strictly to the ethos of leave no trace and we also ensure that our visitors are aware of the reason for this practice and also respect this while with us and as a result will leave with a commitment to the concept of Leave No Trace.

Adventure Burren believes in a practical approach to conservation as well as the elements above which are less day to day. We carry out several projects with Burren Beo Conservation Volunteers and are members of Burren Beo Trust and a number of other environmental organisations.

Practical elements of our Environmental Policy

Although as an activity provider we use a minimum amount of resources such as Water and energy we are committed to the reduction of use of these resources as well as the prevention of waste. To this end we will strive to reduce our use of resources were possible and encourage our guest to do the same.

Adventure Burren will encourage our guests to travel to us in as sustainable manner as possible and will take positive proactive steps to do this.

Adventure is a member of Burren Ecotourism Network, it is important to us to ensure that tourist activities in The Burren area will be a positive force for all communities in the area providing income and employment for people of the area and fostering a culture of enterprise which resects the region and is in harmony with the sustainable development of the region as a whole. We believe this will also provide a full and meaningful experience for visitors.

When purchasing materials or equipment Adventure Burren will strive to purchase from as eco-friendly and sustainable a source as is possible. When it is not possible to purchase locally we will source in the first instance from as close as possible, when we require materials from a developing economy we will whenever possible purchase from Fair Trade certified or similar.


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