Adventure Burren is a new way to experience The Burren. We take guests to explore The Burren with us, enjoying the adventure activities we like ourselves.

We walk/hike and climb above ground, take trips to the caves below and have fun on the water all whilst taking in the magic of the unique environment we have the privilege to live in.  Because we live here we cherish it all the more and it provides us with an understanding and an insight we wish to share with our visitors.

Our focus is to ensure our visitors enjoy their time with us, enjoy the landscape, nature, history and culture of The Burren and enjoy the adventure activities we deliver. We ensure they do so with minimum impact on this delicate area. We want you to experience it as we do, so we visit well known places as well as lesser known ones, but every place is in its own way is significantly different, depending on the light, time of day or weather.

The Burren has been evolving, into what it is today, for the last 5000 to 6000 years or so …following millions of years of preparation. It is probably at its zenith now, in need of care to protect what took so long to come to be. We contribute by keeping our impact to a minimum and endeavouring to help protect the landscape where we can. We are careful to imbue our guests with the knowledge to allow them do the same.

The time we spend with visitors is also our time to enjoy and share what we love most about The Burren, we think this will ensure you too will enjoy your time here and experience this magic place as it should be, up close and personal.


The Poul Na Brone dolmen at night

The well known Poulnabrone Dolemen, a very ancient burial site dating back to 3,400 B.C. making it older than the pyramids in Egypt. The best time to see this monument is later in the evening or early in the morning as at other times it can be very busy and the sense of the place may be lost.  On Adventure Burren walks we visit many other very impressive sites which are not as well known and are rarely visited. This gives our visitors an opportunity to see these special places and get time to enjoy a sense of the place and wonder at the ancient culture which created them.

On Adventure Burren activities we visit a large range of sites, stone forts, soutrerrains, wedge tombs and standing stones. All our walks are very accessible and only require a modest level of fitness. If you can spend a day walking around town you are fit enough to do any of our walks. Our walks are off the track but they are on reasonable terrain and just require a little care in foot placement and  are not overly challenging.

If you require a more difficult walk or if you are looking for a strenuous day out we can do that too, happily. There is plenty of scope for some more difficulty to be included into many walks with many  terraces on the landscape which can be either gone around or not.

In short, we can tailor activities to suit your needs from easy to difficult.



If you require a tailored experience, want to book an adventure activity or just have a comment we are always happy to hear what you have to say.

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