One day walk in The Burren.

Turlough Hill

Fantastic Views

This hike takes place in a stunning area close to Carran, the mountains are characteristic of the limestone landscape which defines The Burren. Rising in steps and terraces to a height of 282M at the summit and affording stunning views in every direction the views during this walk are breath-taking.

 Reviews of this walk.

Thanks Christy for a great hike yesterday. The views on top of Turlough Hill were truly spectacular. We’ve done a number of hikes in the Burren but this was by far the best we’ve seen and done. Additionally, your knowledge of the unique flowers and archaeology of the area really helped us to appreciate this unique landscape. It was a privilege to spend time with you in an area you are so clearly passionate about. You’ve set the bar incredibly high and we cant wait to come back for a new adventure. Best Regards Brian & Alan

Just spent a PERFECT day in The Burren with Christy Sinclair of Adventure Burren. I was taken off the beaten track to meander across meadows, hop atop limestone clints, and hike through hazel thickets. I saw more ancient sites than I could count, feasted on wild blackberries, and learned a ton about the area wildflowers and plants. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s walk!


The hike begins through a typical Burren farm, the mountain rising ahead. Crossing over a stone wall we are then into the  typical Burren limestone, the gaps(grieks) are filled with a fantastic array of flowers at most times of the year, especially in the Spring and Summer, but still a lot into Autumn. Then we are winding our way across an area of terraces and steep steps. The landscape is very typical of The Burren, limestone slab broken and dissolved into clints and grikes. The gaps some very deep some filled with soil. The stone is weathered into fascinating almost surreal shapes in shades of grey and packed with fossils, 350 million year old creatures and plants are once again exposed.

SPOTTED ORCHID ~ dactylorhiza fuchsii

SPOTTED ORCHID ~ dactylorhiza fuchsii

Between the rocks grow a profusion of flowers, from April to September a stunning array of flowers bloom in succession. The area sometimes described as a lunar landscape is, when looked at up close packed full of a vast range of plants, plants from arctic regions share space with those from alpine and  maritime habitats and a great variety of orchids grow over the period. The pace is usually slow as the distractions are many. We continue to climb and weave our way though or up the steps from terrace to terrace.
Adventure Burren can tailor this hike so it is either very easy choosing the easiest route between the rock outcrops or directly up the rock sections for a bit more of a challenge. Don’t forget we are qualified for rock climbing as well. We also pass numerous ancient walls and some small enclosures, a hint of what is to come and a reminder that there have been people in The Burren for thousands of years. The climbing continues as we make our way across and along several flat terraces and then pick our routes up through the craggy edges which step up to the next terrace. Each step brings a whole new vista as we gain height. As we continue through the fossil rich stone we see the ancient remains of coral and small sea creatures, remains of a tropical sea from millions of years ago and numerous wild flowers, which variety depending on the time of year.
Again the pace often slows as photos are taken, both the great panoramic views and the small details of rock and the many flowers. The final climb to the top reveals my favourite views in The Burren. The scenery is fantastic in every direction, low lying land towards Gort, Galway Bay with Connamara in the distance. A long stretch of limestone terrace and winterage grassland along a plateau ahead with sweeping panoramic views of the high Burren where the densest occurrence of monuments is to be found. DSCF2299 The return journey is down through more steps, terraces and some small level areas  enjoying the views and then to the road for collection. Again this Hike has a number of options and we will finish by various routes depending on your choice. But whichever route is chosen we continue to pass over typical Burren terrain and the views continue all the way to the end of the walk.We get back for collection and depending on time available we may visit a few more interesting sites before your hike comes to an end. You can be assured that your Burren Rocks adventure will be lead by people who are fully qualified as recommended by the relevant governing body. The ratios we set for ourselves are better than required, again to ensure a quality safe environment for all our activities.
A profusion of flowers

There is a profusion of flowers during Spring, Summer and Autumn

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