Odyssey Tour

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This trip is available the third week of each month, use the comments form to let us know the date you  require and we will confirm availability within 24 hours. This trip may also be arranged for any other time if a minimum of six people require it.



We list this as a 3 day tour, we could call it three and a half, or even more annoying, count your arrival and  departure days and say it’s five days. But we know that’s just going to be a disappointment and that’s the last thing we want. There is a full breakdown of what’s included, there are also a few extras included we know you will be wowed by. You will need some cash to spend but there is nothing extra to pay for the essentials, you will be fed, accommodated, transported and the activities are all in. When out drinks are not included, except the beer tasting.

Arrive the day before we begin our odyssey, we will help and advise you on how best to get to us. Check our links page for an App that will plan any journey within Ireland using public transport. We are also on DyrectMe, an info App which will guide you from anywhere to our location. It’s free to download on Android or Apple, there’s also a lot of other great information on there. Once you have had a chance to settle into your accommodation there will be a short introduction and some information on The Burren and what you will be doing, you will meet the people who will be showing you around for your adventure and getting to know your companions. We will point you to the best place for an evening meal and, if your so inclined . . . a drink in one of the local pubs, chances are their will be music in at least one of them.

What’s included? I hear you ask. Well lots, the list is below.

light refreshments on arrival, orientation and time to have a first look around and enjoy the evening entertainment in the area.

4 nights with a quality eco tourism accommodation provider.

Full Irish breakfast on four mornings.

Dinner on 3 nights in excellent local restaurants, award winning and all family run and using only the best and freshest local ingredients.    Wine and other drinks are not included.

Lunch on one day, picnic and packed lunch on the other two, made with the best of local and home made ingredients.

A full day walking with a guide over the unique Burren landscape with fantastic views and many sites of interest to visit.

One full activity day.

Full day of activities involving two different pursuits. activities.

Full day tour of The Burren, spending most of the time outside exploring. You will visit all the major attractions and priority entry is included . Lunch and some other light refreshments provided.

This is a long day and includes the following:

Cliffs of Moher, O’Brien’s Tower, Doolin Cave, Buren Smokehouse, Roadside Tavern and mico brewery a medieval church and holy well. Then the scenic way back including The Flaggy Shore.

All your activities are with local providers, living and experienced in the area. Each provider is ecotourism certified and a part of The Burren Ecotourism Network and part of the Geo Park tourism initiative.

There are a few extra surprises as well which will also add greatly to your experience. The detailed itinerary is below.

And don’t forget, The Burren Rocks!


On day one we are off for a walk in The Burren National Park.  We pass over an area that has been farmed for over 4000 years, the remains of field systems and burial sites are to be found in abundance. The views are wide and spectacular and the ground is carpeted with a great variety of wild flowers. The pace of the walk is such that you will have plenty of times for photographs, the range of subjects from macro to panoramic will mean a large download when you get back.

If you wonder if you are fit enough then consider this . . . if you can walk around a city for a day, your fit enough. Lunch is provided by one of our Ecotourism partners and will be made with quality local ingredients, the setting will be spectacular and the company excellent, I’ll be there!

A detailed description can be found in “The Burren, horizontal”

Back to accommodation for a shower and a little time to your self and then it’s time for dinner. Again provided by one of our Ecotourism partners. If you wonder if it will be a quality affair then be at ease. Our food providers have a selection of awards of excellence which they have been collecting for many years. Then, if you have the energy you might go for another walk in the vicinity, there are plenty of short marked ways you can do unguided, and of course there’s the option of a visit to the pub and some good music.  Tomorrow is an easy day so this is probably the best night to go out for one or two “lemonades”.


An easy day!

When you come to The Burren there are a number of things you just have to do so on this day we go to the best of them. The Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geo Park comprises a number of sites, all are worth a visit and we base this day around them.

Always at the top of the list is The Cliffs of Moher. we have a premium entry with lots of time to experience this fantastic natural wonder with The Atlantic Edge  Experience included as is entry to O’Brien’s Tower.


From the cliffs we head for Doolin, one of the most famous villages in Co. Clare and also where the longest free-hanging stalactite in the Northern Hemisphere is to be found, a stunning underworld wonder. We also have tea/coffee and a scone here, jenny is famous for her scones!



Next onto Lisdoonvarna, where another Geo Site, the baths are to be found, these baths are responsible for the development of the town of Lisdoonvarna when it became a Mecca for Victorians looking for a cure for many ailments. We also visit The Burren Smoke House, where the world famous Burren Smoked Salmon is produced.


While in Lisdoon we also drop in to The Roadside Tavern, some may need a cure of a different sort if they did not behave last night. In The Roadside you can taste some beer, stout and larger brewed on the premises by Peter Curtin who’s family have been here for generations. peter will keep you entertained while you also enjoy some of the Burren Smoke House salmon with the beer tasting.

Lunch is in a restaurant close to The Tavern, again a quality provider and an ecotourism partner establishment. Then on to Carron, the birth place of Michael Cusack the founder of The GAA. The area of Carron is full of national monuments and we visit one of the loveliest churches in  The Burren, Temple Cronnan and the holy well.  The short walk in is along a path which is rich in flower species and there is always a large variety of orchids to be seen along with many other wonderful plants.

Then back by one of the best coastal drives in Ireland. Overlooking Galway Bay,views to The Aran Islands and as far as Connamara. Past the Flaggy shore, more variets of sea weed than any other piece of coast in the country. The last big view of the day is from Cork Screw hill, yes, it is very windy. Then just up the road back to our accomodation.

Tonight again we have dinner in one of our partner restaurants and there should be no shortage of topics for conversation after today. The food will again be fantastic.




The adrenalin day.

Today is at a different pace, after breakfast its off to the crag and the beach.

Half the day will be spent climbing on a crag. We do an introductory level climbing session where you don your harness and climb a number of routes. But don’t worry, climbing is one of the best and most social days possible. See “what we do” for a more in depth look at climbing. One thing about climbing is that it gives you time to savor, you have a chance to enjoy the views of the landscape, look closely at the stone and plants around you. It’s also a good time to chat and enjoy the company you are in.

After our tasty local lunch, picnic style, we head for the beach, for the afternoon where we will kayak along some of The Burren’s excellent coast line. Sea kayaking gives you a whole other experience of  The Burren, looking in from the sea with the Burren uplands climbing away to the distance. You will also see a wealth of sea life and there is an abundance of sea birds to be seen close up. You will be in the hands of North Clare Sea Kayaking who provide an introduction and a short trip. You could say The Burren also rolls!

We have a little extra to finish but you won’t find out what that is till you get here. Oh, and its not the only one!

So sad verse, tonight it’s our last dinner and maybe a pint to finish. In the morning after breakfast its the end of our journey. There’s still lots you can do in the area and we are very happy to make recommendations. If your are moving on we can also point you at the best places to go next.

So, come on, enjoy The Burren with us. We sure do.

Always love to get opinions! good, bad or indifferent